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JTA Holding invests in NSAtech

  • JTA Holding invests in NSAtech to Revolutionize Sports Performance Analysis

Sports Performance Analysis

NSAtech, a cutting-edge AI-Technology company accredited by the Qatar Olympic Committee, supported by Microsoft for start-ups program and Microsoft Qatar from 2021- 2023, is thrilled to announce JTA’s endorsement of the company through investments. This investment marks a crucial moment for NSAtech, as it enables the company to further its endeavours in revolutionizing sports performance analysis. NSAtech specializes in utilizing artificial intelligence technology and through the use of innovative solutions without the need for setting up labs, special cameras, wearable tools, or sensors, it enables sports individuals and athletes to track and analyse their movements, techniques and performance. The company has already gained international recognition, with recent accolades including winning the 2022 Expo Dubai competition in Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain.

With JTA Holding's support and endorsement, NSAtech is set to assist Qatar in becoming the unparalleled epicentre of sports innovation. By leveraging JTA Holding's market connections and resources, NSAtech aims to expand its reach in the global health and sports industry, attracting top-tier talents and potentially attract further investments from around the world. This marks an important milestone in the sports technology landscape, as Qatar solidifies its position as a global hub for sports analytics, and will enable NSAtech to expand its objectives and accelerate its growth in the global sports analysis market.

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