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How can we help you?

please don’t hesitate to ask other question if you have by NSAtech contact menu

NSATech Manager

Video game Analysis and How Does It Help me as Athlete?

Today, investigate mistake and problem on game like technique and tactics are so important for player, coach, academy and else, also beside know about top level players

When & Where can be used?

You can use it everywhere and everytime without any limitation, especially before selected target favorite player in the sport events like FIFA WorldCup, Champions league, and ATP/WTA tour just after end of the match.

How can I use this technologies?

It’s very easy to use, Just login at NSAtech.co you are able to use it on any devices such as TV, Desktop, Laptop, iPad, Mobile Phones, and also Smart Watches.

How can we collaborate with NSAtech as Broadcaster ?

We developed our system completely modular, the broadcasters do not need to change anything in their infrastractures or install any extra hardware, just use our services via our SDK/APIs.

How can we use NSAtech solutions as professional coach and sport centers ?

You are able to submit your player’s action to NSAtech platform and select favorite player as final goal and get 2D/3D action analysis, daily growth and progress according to prefer methods.

How can I find my problems and track my progress as user/fan by using this technology?

You are able to track the growth of your performance and also get a progress plan to become more better than before and become to your professional selected players.

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